The Dream Protocol Review


The Dream Protocol: Descent 
By Adara Flynn Quick 
Publication date: May 18th 2016 
Genres: Dystopia, Young Adult

Book Summary

dreampWHATEVER YOU DO, DON’T GET OLD. In fiery young Deirdre Callaghan’s home of Skellig City, no one has dreamt their own dream in over a thousand years. Dreams are produced by the Dream Makers and sold by the Ministry, the tyrannical rulers of the city. In Skellig City, years of life are awarded equally and the ruined are cast away beneath the city on their 35th birthday.

Unbeknownst to the Ministry, Deirdre’s handsome friend Flynn Brennan is afflicted with a terrible disease – a disease that accelerates the aging process. Knowing his fate if the Ministry should ever discover his illness, Flynn has lived his whole life hiding from their watchful eyes. When Flynn’s secret is finally discovered, Deirdre is determined to free him from the Ministry’s grasp.

But to save him, she will have to reveal herself to a shadowy enemy…one that none of them even knew existed.

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My Review

I was really fascinated by the timing in Quick’s writing. The imagery itself flew off the page from the very start. The way Quick takes you across a room with the two in synch was really impressive. The dream sequences were a mind-sight to behold. I’m fascinated by dreams and their inner meaning. Likely one of the reasons I enjoyed this so much is the overall mystery of the plot as well.

This is a twisting dystopian book with some less-common archetypes that we see today. With people working to buy dreams and then considered ‘ruined’ at 35, it’s definitely bleak. Especially for a boy with a genetic disorder that accelerates aging. I liked the interweaving one had to do in exploring this new world and as Deirde discovers brutal truths, it uncovers more questions. Quick also integrates her own Irish background in the characterizations and I found it pleasantly refreshing.

Quick’s world takes a bit of patience to get used to, with the unanswered questions along the way and the changes in POV. Still by the time I was less than halfway through, I was hooked. Deirde is a very compelling character and her love for her friend Flynn and family motivates her to rebel against the norms. Dreams are a commodity and age is a downfall to them all.

Some tales can be larger than the book, if that makes sense. You’ll read a massive world created and simply know from the writing how much is still beyond the surface and likely to expand. I have to say this is certainly one of those books and should be quite exciting with its sequel.


About the Author

adaraIrish-American author, Adara Flynn Quick, is the writer of The Dream Protocol series. Early in her career, Adara was fascinated by dreams, the unconscious, and the healing stories of many cultures.  As a contemporary author, she writes young adult literature that brings ancient myths and legends into futuristic worlds.  She is an accomplished visual artist and uses her background as a psychotherapist to inspire the finest and darkest moments of her characters.

Driven to distraction by her computer, Adara writes all of her stories longhand.  Pen and paper are two of her favorite things.  The author tortures her husband with a passion for downtempo electronica and too many pillows.  She is a firm believer that there are never enough pillows.

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