About Us


I’m a Special Education Teacher, aspiring author, musician, and composer. I’m a huge YA fan! I’ve always had a great fondness for books but it wasn’t until I fell in love with YA that it truly began. I had a friend in college recommend a book to me from the YA section and before I knew it I was continuously returning for another great find.  I have met several young adult authors at events and book signings in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. I attend as many of these events as I can. I believe these events are important not only to discover new and exciting books that I can share with others but also to offer my support to these inspiring authors!  I love sharing the books I read with others! Some of my favorite things include movie trailer music, superheroes, YA books, and obsessing over a good film or television show. 




I was born and raised in Illinois.  My first great love was for animals and I almost became a veterinarian, but I got married instead and now I have four beautiful children and six beautiful grandchildren.  I worked for 17 years for a man who raised racing quarter horses and 14 years for Willow Drive Nursery, which is the largest fruit tree nursery in the United States.  Now I babysit, on a regular basis, for four of my grandchildren.  Reading books is another of my great loves.  I was not much of a reader as a child, but in 4th grade everything just clicked together.  I have been an avid reader ever since.  I also love music and I play the violin.  I took up crocheting this year and I’m working on my 4th blanket.  I love to travel, but since I’m not working, I don’t have much money for that anymore.  I do love going to book signings, if they are not too far from home.



I have a degree in Marketing and minor in music at the University of North Texas. I aspire to publish my own YA and NA books one day. My love of books started from the moment my grandma gave me the first three Harry Potter books and I couldn’t stop reading. Literally. I got a detention in middle school because I was reading in class. My loves in life include music, art, comic books, fiction books, and of course talking about them non-stop. I love attending book festivals with Becca and having book days whenever we can!