Magnus Damora

Magnus Damora

Some said that Magnus was just like his father in looks and temperament.
He’d disagreed until today.
He WAS his father’s son.
He was cruel.


Magnus Damora is a tall, handsome fellow, with black hair, pale skin, and dark eyes. He has a scar that runs down his face from cheek to his mouth. He’s a complicated character from Falling Kingdoms. And who might this complicated, handsome guy be? No more than the dark prince of Limeros. He’s a young boy that continuously tries to seek his his father’s approval. An eighteen year old that is heir to the throne, and still has much growing up to do. He has a sister named Lucia whom he has conflicted, obsessed feelings for. This love is forbidden and unnatural, of which he is quite aware of. Because of this forbidden love, Magnus attempts to conceal his feelings,  not only his obsession for his sister, but also other compassionate emotions that others may view him as weak if they knew. He keeps so many dark and dangerous secrets, that it turns him quite cold and heartless. He’s a difficult person to read, to truly understand what his true feelings are and what his motives could be. Lucia is pretty much the only light and happiness in his life, which could explain his unwarranted feelings towards her. Magnus is a very dark character, and very loyal to his father King Gaius to a fault. He’s arrogant, brooding, confident, sarcastic, sensitive, and very easily annoyed. Magnus is a character filled to the rim with so much inner turmoil. Surprisingly, even amidst all this darkness and evil that Magnus is surround by, he has a compassionate part of him that he hides with angry words, but shows in his actions.

Excerpt from Falling Kingdoms:

A storm of emotions swept through Magnus. He wanted to push the woman out of his room and slam the door in her face. But he couldn’t. If there was something else he needed to know about Lucia…

“Tell me,” he growled.

“Ask me nicely.”

He trembled from the effort it took not to reach out and crush the woman’s throat.

So let me ask: Friend or Foe?

To determine the validity of my decision towards his character establishment as a possible hero, or the evil villain, I’ve comprised a list of questions to ask myself this very question.

Does the character do things that have good consequences? or bad consequences?  

In Falling Kingdoms Magnus actions result in some circumstances good consequences and others bad. However overall in the first book, he does do some pretty bad things. He kills without thought. He’s selfish and arrogant. He loves his sister, even though he finds out later she’s adopted. But he does good as well. He tries to save someone before they can be hurt by his father. He he cares for his sister and protects and defends her to a fault.

Do they perform acts for personal gain or to help others?

Magnus is extremely self-centered in this book. He strives to please his father and to show that he will one day be a worthy king. He does help others twice. One time to save someone, and the other to protect his sister. Both of these were selfless acts, though I’m sure concerning the servant girl he would try and deny trying to help her.

Are their personality traits noble and with good intent?

I wouldn’t call Magnus a noble character. I wouldn’t necessarily say he has good intent. But he is extremely loyal to his father, despite the villain his father is.

Does the character consider only their own interests?

Magnus spends a great deal of time considering his father’s interests and what he can do to earn his father’s admiration.

Does the character permit selfless acts?

Yes. Magnus does perform two acts of selflessness in the first book.

Did the character feel guilty about their poor actions?

It doesn’t go into too much detail, but I do believe there is at least once instance where he does feel guilty. He starts justifying why he did something. He tries to convince himself that what he just did was the right thing and that the other persons actions towards him were sound.

Does the character kill without thought or reason?

Oh yes! I do believe he does!

Does the character do things out of revenge?

You know what’s interesting about Magnus? I wouldn’t call him a vengeful character. He doesn’t go out of his way to hurt people because someone may have wronged him. Now he does follow his father’s orders blindly, but not out of malice intent. More to appease his father.

Does the character strive to get what they want by any means necessary?

I do believe he does. And he hurts people along the way.

Does the character stand by as others perform horrendous acts?

Yes. He know’s what kind of monster his father is and yet he does nothing. Honestly though, he really isn’t in a position to where he can oppose his father. If you can’t beat them, join them right?

What happened to the character’s childhood that has helped to create who that character is?

Magnus was abused both verbally and physically as a child. I do believe that this has majorly impacted him. I think that with all the darkness in his life, and his sister being the only one that has shown him love and compassion, it completely makes sense why he would latch on to her. He’s aching for someone to show him the light and bring him out of darkness.

My verdict:

Based off my responses, Magnus Damora is classified as a “villain”. However, I think he has the makings to become someone more honorable, especially after reading the continuation of his story in the Falling Kingdoms sequel Rebel Springs.  

Magnus Damora is one of my all time favorite characters! I just love his complexity, and I love seeing his transformation. I cannot wait for the third installment, Gathering Darkness (Falling Kingdoms #3), which will be released December 9, 2014!!!

Let me ask you just one question . Is Magnus a hero, or a villain?

Magnus Damora: Friend or Foe?

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