Dancing with Black Teaser and Giveaway

                                                       Dancing with Black

                                                       by Laura Bingham
 Book Synopsis(Goodreads):
Dancing is Cami’s escape from her dark home life. It’s the only thing that gives her hope – until she meets Adam Black. A talented dancer in his own right, he asks Cami to be his partner, and she gains strength and confidence as he unlocks whole new possibilities for her.When Cami’s abusive mother overdoses and her already-broken family falls to pieces around her, dancing with Adam helps Cami pull through. But he has secrets of his own, and someone wants him found at any price. Cami gets dragged into a web of danger and deceit. Now she must make a choice between familiar darkness and uncertain light.

Quote 1:

 “May I have this dance?” He holds out his hand.
“Sure.”  I don’t think I can manage saying more than that.  I swear I’ve never seen a better-looking guy in my entire existence.  I let him lead me to the floor and almost shrink at how tall he is–over six feet, easily.  He pulls me around and I have a mini heart attack when I realize I’ll have to hug him for the next five minutes.  With his warm hand, he pulls my right palm out and makes my left fingers rest on his arm.  A flood of tingles pours through me.
His feet move in intricate patterns with beats woven in the music.  I worry that I’ll step on his toes, but his hand guides my back, making me trust him.  Almost like a miracle, our feet move in unison.
Quote 2:
“Wait!”  I’m losing my chance.
He turns and looks at me expectantly.
“Why me?”
It’s the question that’s been stabbing me in the heart every moment.  Why did he single me out?
He takes a deep breath and stares at the threadbare upholstered seat.  “I saw you dance.”  His gaze flicks up to meet mine.  “You were perfect.”
It isn’t what I expected to hear.  I’m not perfect–my parents tell me that every day.  “I am?”
He smiles and touches a finger to my chin.  “Too perfect to pass up.”
 My Thoughts:
 I really liked this book.  I loved the characters of Cami and Adam.  They were great together.  Cami comes from a dysfunctional family.  Her father ignores her.  Her mother is abusive and a drug addict.  The only thing she has is dancing until she meets Adam, who loves dancing as much as she does.   I would definitely read more books by this author.
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