Under A Blood Moon Review


Under a Blood Moon by Carrigan Richards
Publication Date: January 28th, 2014
Publisher:  Indie World Publishing & Author Services
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy
Status: Book 1 in The Elemental Enchanter series
Rating: 4 Stars

Book Synopsis (Goodreads):

Falling in love isn’t the only problem for Ava Hannigan.

When seventeen-year-old Ava discovers that she can breathe underwater, she’s disappointed. She wanted to be normal and dreads the day of her initiation into one of the most powerful covens of Elemental Enchanters. She has fallen in love with a human, which is forbidden, but she has such a strong connection with Peter, the only other person who knows what it’s like to grow up motherless.

Ava and her friends never expected to be caught up in the middle of a three-hundred-year-old war. Devon wants revenge against the humans for killing his master. Xavier, a ruthless witch, is building an army for Devon by spellbinding several students into becoming dark Enchanters. After Xavier realizes Ava and her friends are Elementals, Devon will stop at nothing to have their power. Xavier threatens Ava, attempting to coerce her to join them, but when she refuses, he kidnaps Peter.

Ava must seek help from her coven to defeat Devon and accept her life as a witch in order to save Peter and protect the humans.

My Review:

I really enjoyed Under A Blood Moon. It’s fast paced, filled with complex characters, and an enchanting love story. Ava is a water elemental whom is just coming into her powers. She is sworn to secrecy by her coven to never reveal her powers and to always stay true to her coven. There are six people in her coven besides the elders, Ava, Gillian, Melissa, Thomas, Jeremy, and Lance. Ava is dating Thomas whom is the star quarterback of the football team and a huge jerk. He used to be so different when they first started dating but over the years he’s become possessive and slightly aggressive. Ava feels like because of her promise to her coven and the fact that shes bound to each of them that she is stuck dating Thomas especially since the other girls are dating the other guys in the coven. She never even thought that she could date another enchanter. Though Ava has strong feelings for Peter, but humans are strictly a no and if the elders found out any of them were dating a human they could be stripped of their powers and exiled from the coven. There’s so much character growth for Ava through this novel. At first she’s more quiet and insecure and through out the book she becomes such a solid and strong character. Her relationship with Peter is great! Her and Peter are so adorable. It neat to see a love story begin slowly and then build up from the middle towards the end. I also loved the love story because they start out as friends and it just blossoms from there.

There was only one thing I didn’t like about this book. There’s a moment where Peter gets kidnapped and within a paragraph a month has passed. It was very confusing and very anti-climatic. It also seemed very against Ava’s character to sit around and wait for a month to check on Peter to see if he was okay. That didn’t make sense to me, especially since other humans have been going missing. It just seemed very abrupt and out of character for Ava. Besides that though I loved this book, it was pretty amazing! And I cannot wait to read the sequel!

 About the Author:


Carrigan was born in Cullman, Alabama, but grew up in Birmingham, and moved to Atlanta at 18. She earned her BA in English at Kennesaw State University. For as long as she can remember, she was always making up stories and characters inside her head, sometimes using her dolls to act out the scenes. When she’s not writing (which is rare), she’s spending time with her fiance, family, and friends, listening to music, playing with her sometimes psychotic puppy, or cheering on her Atlanta Braves.

Author Links:

Indie World Publishing

The sequel to Under A Blood Moon is entitled Under the Burning Stars and was released July 21st, 2014! Be sure to add both these books to your goodreads!


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