Keirran is the son of Ashallyn’ darkmyr Tallyn (Ash) and Megan Chase from the Iron Fey series. Keirran is described as having white/silver hair and icy blue eyes. He is tall, handsome, and lean. Keirran has a sharp, angular face and pointed ears. As a child, Keirran was very troublesome and always got into trouble.  He is also humorous and mischievous. If Keirran is told not to do something, he tends to find a way to do it anyway. But he is still very loyal to his father and family, and even his uncle Ethan Chase whom appears as the same age as him. Keirran is part human but is also immortal and stopped aging at the age of 17. He also grew quicker due to the way time moves in Faerie as compared to the mortal world and that is why he appears to be the same age as Ethan. At first Keirran and Ethan don’t really seem to like each other and are always arguing. But over time they have a very endearing brother like relationship and it’s obvious they care and love each other like family. There’s just one slight problem with Keirran and Ethan being friends… it was prophesied that Keirran would kill Ethan and be the downfall for all that is Faery. For years Megan tried to keep these two apart, but fate of course brought them together. Keirran is a great, loyal and honorable character. And even though Keirran likes to play pranks and tease, he does it out of love. The only thing about Keirran though is that he has a soft spot for the Forgotten Faeries. He understands their predicament, and feels sympathetic towards them even though they are killing other faeries to survive. The Forgotten Faeries are those whom are exiled. After so many ears of being exiled they become forgotten and begin to fade. Keirran understands the Forgotten because the one he loves is an exiled Summer Faery named Annwyl and Keirran will do ANYTHING to save her from fading from existence.

Excerpt from The Iron Traitor:

I’d yelled at Keirran to help me out, and… he hadn’t. He’d just stood their besides the Forgotten Queen, watching me get my ass kicked. Watching as they almost killed me. I remembered the look on his face as I’d fought for my life–cold, blank, impassive–and it made me very nervous. I’d seen that same look tonight, in Mr. Dust’s back room. That dark, icy stranger hadn’t gone away; he was still here. 

The Iron Traitor, Julie Kagawa

So is Keirran a good, noble character? Or is Keirran being consumed by a darkness so strong he can’t overcome all in the hopes to save the person he loves?

Does the character do things that have good consequences? or bad consequences?

Keirran does both. He definitely will help those he loves or cares about, even if sometimes it doesn’t appear that way and sometimes they have good consequences, but sometimes when he tries to help things go bad. He’s also very mischievous and those tend to have bad outcomes as well.  I would say that more bad consequences have happened because of Keirran than good.

Does the character do anything out of revenge or spite?

Keirran isn’t exactly a revengeful person. He’s mischievous yes, but he doesn’t really do anything in order to spite someone else.

Is the character’s personality noble and with good intent?

Keirran is very noble and his intentions are good. But he is a little misguided.

What makes this character most likable?

Keirran is very charismatic and witty. He jokes, he seems a little stiff at first but over time he loosens up. He’s noble and most importantly he does things out of the love in his heart.

What is something unlikable about the character?

Keirran often acts first and thinks later. He does not take consequences into consideration but merely acts on impulse.

Does the character feel guilty about their poor actions?

I think Keirran does feel guilty and just tries not to show it. He has a hard core poker face. But I think underneath it all he does feel guilty and he just keeps reminding himself why he does what he does and shuts off those other emotions that would disagree with him.

Does the character fight for the opposing side?

Keirran is an interesting character. He tends to be on both sides. I’m eager to find out which side he will indefinitely end up on.

What does the character believe in? Does he strive to make a difference that helps others?

He believes in saving those you love and care about. He believes in helping others in need by any means necessary. He believes in being true to himself and isn’t swayed by others beliefs.

What has the character done that could make him a potential villain?

He loves so deeply that it has made him blind. That blindness to the catastrophies that could happen could very well destroy everything.

What has the character done that could make him a possible hero?

Keirran loves his family and has been raised to be honorable and just. I would hope that Keirran would be smart enough to try to find a way that would be the best for everyone. And if he can’t, that he would in the end do the right thing because of his love for his family and that it’s the right thing to do.

I’m curious to know… do you think Keirran will end up being a villain that destroys all of Faery? Or will Keirran be the hero and save everyone he loves?

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