Lucia Damora

Lucia Eva Damora

The child she held in her arms, this small, beautiful baby with sky-blue eyes and a fuzz of hair that would one day be black as a raven’s wing, was the one prophesied to possess the magic necessary to find the Kindred–four objects that contained the source of all elementia, elemental magic. Earth and water, fire and air.  – Morgan Rhodes, Falling Kingdoms.

“Her father owned this city now. This entire kingdom, in fact. And everyone in it. They should learn to be more respectful.”—  Lucia Damora, Gathering Darkness

“I am my magic, and my magic is as old as the stars.”—  Lucia Damora, Gathering Darkness

Lucia Damora is the adopted daughter of King Gaius Damora (the Blood King) and Queen Althea Damora. She has long raven-black hair and bright blue eyes with pale skin. Lucia is the adopted sister of Prince Magnus Damora, whom in Falling Kingdoms had romantic feelings for her. She is princess of Limeros. Lucia was originally born in Paelsia but was stolen from her mother because of a prophecy that foretold a sorceress with insurmountable power. Lucia is a calm and intelligent person. She’s loyal to her family to a fault. She loves and respects her adopted father, and has complicated and mixed feelings towards her adoptive mother. She appears to be kind and friendly. She constantly though keeps up a front in order to keep others from knowing the true Lucia. There is a darkness in Lucia that seems to grow over time. She’s indifferent to publicized executions and isn’t opposed to other’s being hurt if she believes its for a greater purpose, such as ensuring her father remains on the throne. She is cunning, smart, beautiful, and deadly. So who really is Lucia Damora?

Is Lucia a good sorceress or a bad one?

Is the character dishonest?

Yes. Lucia doesn’t always speak her mind and is often hesitant of others. The only one she absolutely trusts at first is her brother Magnus, but over time a wedge is placed between them and Lucia starts lying more.

Does the character only consider only their own interests?

I honestly do think Lucia is slightly selfish to the point where she often doesn’t consider or think of others. Lucia can be kind, however she is very good at hiding her emotions.

Did the character feel guilty about their poor actions?

Lucia rarely feels guilty for anything, however in the beginning there are a few instances where she does something accidentally and feels terrible about it. However over time the guilt seems to go away and she starts to justify her actions.

Does the character kill without thought or reason?

Not at first. Over time she is less bothered by this.

Does the character strive to get what they want by any means necessary?

Lucia is blind when it comes to the things she wants and often she loses sight of what’s going on around her. However I do believe there are limits to what she is willing to do to get what she wants. It also depends on what she does want. When it comes to love however I think she’d do anything to be with the person she loves.

Does the character appear to be evil?

No. Lucia is beautiful, kind, and serene.

What makes this character most likable?

I really enjoy Lucia’s bold personality. Though she often hides her emotions, she is still confident and isn’t afraid to speak her mind.

What is something unlikable about the character?

Her lack of compassion for those that she deems worthless or isn’t important to her.

What could make her a possible hero?

I believe the love and kindness within her could make her a great hero.

What could make her a potential villain?

Her magic. There’s a darkness in Lucia. She’s also has a streak of vengeance that I believe could push her over the edge.

Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes has been officially announced to be a six book series. So far there’s only three released in the series. There’s several middle ground characters that are filled with good and bad qualities that could switch sides at any minute. Overtime Lucia’s character has grown darker and darker and I believe Lucia will be a dark sorceress by the end of the series. Her and her brother Magnus have been some of my favorite, complex characters. It’s so neat to see these characters change and evolve into something more whether it be greatness or darkness. Lucia is a very complex character and I could be entirely wrong and she could end up being a noble hero by the end of the series. But my gut is telling me she’s going to be evil.

What do you think?

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