Caught in Crimson Blitz

 Caught In Crimson:
Book Two of the Sword of Elements
by Heather Hamilton-Senter
Release Date: 04/13/15
 caught in crimson
 Summary from Goodreads:


CAUGHT IN CRIMSON, the long awaited sequel to the Amazon Bestseller BOUND IN BLUE:

Rhi’s ability to see magic as color, and her hunger to consume it, have brought her to Las Vegas to seek out the bard Taliesin’s help in understanding the true nature of what she is—a Leannan Sidhe, a kind of vampire. Armed with Excalibur, she’s torn between the factions looking to control the destiny of the earth. When an ancient artifact of the earth magic calls to her, filling her with fire, Rhi must decide whether to follow her heart or the path to power before her father Merlin decides she’s outlived her usefulness and destroys her mind.

The choices caught up in color and magic are never black and white.

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Book Excerpt: 

A spark in the air hurtled towards us. As it grew larger, I knew that the thing the ghost of Melusine had turned into was like a child’s toy compared to the creature descending upon us. Flames streamed from its nostrils with every breath, lighting up the sky. The dragon was the size of something from a monster movie poised to destroy New York City, but it flew gracefully above the buildings. Burgundy-colored scales covered it, but where the fire reflected off them, they sprang to vivid, crimson life.

As it landed on the edge of the terrace, its wings beat the air into powerful gusts and we were knocked to the ground. I could feel Peter’s wild joy where he crouched beside me, but I didn’t share it. Almost against my will, I looked up.

Straight into the slitted pupil of a giant eye.

I’d been afraid so many times in the past few months that I’d become an expert in discerning the subtle shadings hidden within the white of terror, but what I experienced now was pure nothingness. Just when I thought I would lose my mind, the warmth of the dragon’s power filled me. It was the color of a fire that warms a home in the middle of the winter, not burns it down.

Rise, little Earth Queen.

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 About the Author:

heather hamilton

Heather grew up in a family where books of myth and legend were used to teach the ABCs and Irish uncles still believed in fairies. Raised with tall tales, she has always told stories too- first as an actor and singer, then as a photographer, and now as a writer.

Heather lives in rural Ontario, Canada happily raising three children ranging in age from 6 to 18 with her biggest fan, her husband Steve.

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