Ethan Chase

Friday’s Figure Feature:

Ethan Chase:
The Reluctant Hero,
The Mighty Warrior

We first meet him as a boy in The Iron King. A four year old taken away from his world and into the land of Faerie. After Megan sets the world of Faerie right, Ethan grows up without his sister. He has the gift of Sight and can see the Fey, but he does his best to ignore him. As a teenager, Ethan grows into a moody, brooding, bad boy seventeen year old. He’s rude to people and keeps everyone at a distance in order to keep people from being hurt by the Fey that taunt him. Until one day he is thrown again into the world of Faerie when he meets his Uncle Kiernan that appears to be the same age as he.

What makes Ethan Chase such an awesome character?

He’s funny for one thing. He’s honest, and noble. And he is without a doubt a warrior. He loves his nephew Kiernan, and he’s the type of hero that is willing to do anything to set things right, even if he seems hesitant at first. He’s hesitant to have anything to do with the land of Faerie, and yet he does what he has to in order to  save the people he cares about.

If I were to place him on the hero radar, I would say he’s somewhere between the Willing, active, gung-ho heroes (like Tarzan, King Arthur, Luke Skywalker) and the Loner heroes (like Indiana Jones, Aladdin, and Superman). At first, Ethan Chase is the Reluctant Hero. Even though, he’s still committed to the adventure he sets himself upon and doesn’t have doubts about what he’s trying to accomplish, is always bravely going ahead and is self-motivated. He’s motivated because he knows it’s the right thing to do. As for his loner side, Ethan’s story begins in The Iron Prince with being a hero, fighting the bad fey, needing no motivation to do so. Though he seems troubled at first to enter the realm of Faerie, but he does it regardless. At the beginning Ethan seems to prefer solitude since for years he pushes everyone away and seems to be an ass. But Mackenzie sees through his facade and get’s to know the real him. And I think if he had the choice, he wouldn’t have been our outcast hero. He’s the kind of protagonist that falls and crawls to help someone else, even if it means using the last of their strength. His journey may have started off as the reluctant protector of both human and fey realms, but as his story progresses he cares more and more about making the world right. The fight becomes his. 

This is entirely Ethan Chase.

As for the Alignment System, I believe Ethan Chase is Neutral Good.

Ethan Chase’s Neutral Good Rules

He only lies to bad guys.

He does not harm the innocent.

He does not betray others.

He helps those in need.

He honors those that are good.

He follows the law unless he needs to break the law that will result in more good.

He believes that those that commit wrong deserve justice.

He does whatever he can to keep his promises, and if he doesn’t he feel terrible for it.

He believes family is important.

He believes in doing what is right.

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