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L.A. Starkey’s 
They say a soul is the immaterial essence, the animating principle, the actuating cause of an individual life.
But what if you had to share yours with the one person you hated the most?
The soul mate principle states that for every one soul there is another that will recognize its match, hence creating the perfect union.
But what if you had two soul mates, which would you choose?
What if your choices had eternal ramification?
Deceived, the debut novel in the Soul Keeper Series, is a modern day love story about the implications of having more than one soul mate, and having to choose between the two of them. The decisions of the gods has left the next generation, their heirs, torn between fate and reality, and the balance of the future hangs in anticipation of what’s to come.
Praise for DECEIVED
“This book! Oh my word. To sum it up in one word: amazing! L.A. Starkey absolutely slayed me with Deceived.” – Kristen, Pretty Little Pages Blog
“I love how the Greek myths are woven into this story with detail yet its still a modern high school romance. Sam is just an ordinary girl, mostly. The writing is tight and I got lost in the characters.” – Loren Weaver, Author of The Victoria Novak: Paranormal Division Series
“I read this book in one day because it kept me so engaged with the story that I didn’t want to put it down. There’s lots going on in the story, but it all flows really well and I like books with the ancient Gods and mythology of any nation.” – Rosie, Roses are Amber
“Just found LA Starkey and I am so excited I did! I love her writing style and the Soul Keeper series! I purchased book one and then went straight into book 2!” – W.J. May, Author of the The Chronicles of Kerrigan & The Senseless Series
“All I can say is WOW I was not expecting this at all. Deceived, (Soul Keeper Series 1) is a wonderful book and will keep your interest until the very end and leave you wanting more.” – JC Brennan, Author of The Fine Line, The Beginning
“The first thing that wow’ed me was the beautiful storytelling by Starkey. Just beautiful. This book had me guessing from the get-go – a sure sign that I’m hooked.” – KK Allen, Author of The Summer Solstice
DECEIVED is FREE for download everywhere

My Review:


What can I say about this book? I read it in a day, that’s how amazing it was! I would definitely give this a 4.5 out of 5 star rating. I’m honestly not too big into soul-mates, but I definitely made an exception for this book. There’s so much to love about this book. To start with, the writing is amazing. The main characters are wonderful and their story unwinds with ease. There’s so many twists and turns, and one flat out surprising ending that left me needing, not just wanting, but needing to read book 2 in order to find out more. I honestly was surprised with how much I enjoyed this book. But her characters and their story just reels you in from the very first page. I simply couldn’t put the book down.

Deceived is a story about an orphan girl named Sam that has dreams about two deliciously handsome young men. She barely remembers them when she wakes up, and can barely remember what they look like. In return, Marcus and Nicholas remember her clearly, and have been sharing dreams with her for 400 years. Marcus and Nicholas are the grandson of Zeus and are immortal. They are also the children of one of the Fates along with their sister Julianna. A prophecy surrounds Sam and the children of the Fates, one that is a direct result from a very long vengeful war between Zeus and Prometheus. I don’t want to get into too much detail about the prophecy, since it’s pretty awesome and you don’t figure out all of it until the middle of the book, but lets just say it basically has to do with two boys falling in love with one girl, and one girl deciding which boy to love.

I’m also not huge into love triangles, but there’s such an awesome twist to this love triangle that I find it flat out brilliant. I cannot wait to see whom she chooses and though I thoroughly enjoyed both brothers, whom have their faults, their differences, their charms and unique personalities, I most definitely have a brother I am rooting for. I honestly wasn’t sure at first which brother I would like more, but something happens in the book (that I dare not say) that definitely seals the deal for me on which brother I prefer. But to put it plainly, both brothers are pretty awesome.

One aspect I really enjoyed with this book is how connected she feels to the brothers. It doesn’t feel like the love just bam happened. You definitely feel how the love has been building up for the brothers all this time. How they’ve gotten to know her for 400 years and how much they feel for her. It’s breathtakingly beautiful, their love for her. And as for Sam, she feels connected to them, feels drawn to them, she feels like she knows them even though she can’t remember and its very believable that she could love these young men though she barely really knows them in the story. Deep down, she has know them herself for 400 years even in past lives. I actually don’t particularly like books about reincarnation either, but for this particular story I think it adds a wonderful element to the story. Plus, there’s just so much to love about this book.

Deceived is poetic, and lyrical. It’s breathtaking, and heartbreaking. It’s a read you don’t want to miss.

This book is a modern day Greek Mythological story. If you like books based off Greek Mythology, love triangles, mystery, twists and turns around every corner, and emotional rides, then I highly recommend this read.

Chapter One Excerpt:


There was no moving in this moment. Her body afforded her no such luxury, as swirling white mist covered the soft green grass, giving the world an ethereal appearance. Crimson danced against the golden sky as the evening moved in quickly, hoping to make way for its dark lover.

Sam gazed around her, trying to make sense of the familiarity she felt with her setting, but she failed to hold onto the fleeting memory. The soft crunch of grass moving changed everything as realization dawned—she was no longer alone.

Her dark sapphire eyes narrowed, brow creasing as a figure cut through the dense, chalky air. He towered over her by a head or two, and judging by the large expanse of his shoulders, he often left the gym stained in his scent. As his shape continued to gain clarity, from color and size to the defined lines of a life well lived, the swell of anticipation grew within her at the story his facial features might tell.

As he drew close enough for focus, her jaw slackened and her eyes widened with wonder. He was for all intents and purposes a teenager, and yet by his exotic appearance, she guessed him to be a foreigner. Wherever he was from, he was simply beautiful.

He stopped just before her, his gaze locked on hers, and try though she may words escaped her cry for assistance. His piercing jade eyes bore into her, dark orange rays stretching lazily from the iris, his skin seeming to glitter as if kissed by the sun.

“I’ve been waiting for you.”

“For me?” Sam blinked in surprise, taking a hesitant step back.

“Ah, Samantha,” he breathed out, his brow creasing ever so slightly. “Same questions every time, my love. Shall I give you the same answers?”

 “W-what a-answers?” She shook her head, attempting to draw in a breath that wasn’t filled with the smell of pure male.

There would be no relaxing in front of him for something was so very familiar and yet alarming to all of her protective senses. Brick by brick, her heart constructed a thick wall that would promise protection. He took a step forward and reached for her hand, but was a bit too late to infiltrate her senses as the wall was up and impenetrable.

She exhaled softly as their skin connected and instinctively let her fingers wrap around his as a sign of friendship. The warmth of his touch sent tingles racing along the corridors of her body and yet still the cold loneliness remained because she demanded it so. No one would ever penetrate her defenses again. Self-preservation had become her lifelong companion simply because life required such company.

L.A. Starkey is the author of the Soul Keeper Series, a supernatural young adult series, and The Liarus Detective Series, a supernatural middle grade series.
She is a fulltime writer, and loves spending time with her family and reading a good book. With more ideas than one person should be allowed, she is blessed to have a muse that doesn’t seem to take a vacation and more energy that one might consider healthy.
She also writes under the following pen name: Kate Thomas – NA/Adult Paranormal (

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