Wilder Excerpt and Giveaway


Wilder by G.K. DeRosa
(The Guardian Series #1)
Publication date: June 12th 2015
Genres: Paranormal, Young Adult

Book Summary (Goodreads):

All that Celeste Wilder ever wanted was to find someone who would sweep her off her feet like she had seen in countless romantic movies. When she meets the gorgeous and mysterious Constantin brothers her senior year of high school, she gets much more than what she had bargained for. As they introduce her to an exciting supernatural world that she never imagined existed, she makes a startling discovery about her own family legacy and is forced to make a decision that will change her life forever.


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That night, Celeste couldn’t sleep. Alone in the house, it was just too quiet. She sat up and looked across the room to where she’d left her walkie-talkie. She was tempted to turn it on and see whether Brian was still up. She peeked out through the curtain of the big bay window facing his house but saw only darkness. She opened the window hoping that the cool night air would help her sleep.

Sitting back down on her bed she scolded herself, whispering, “Celeste, you are fine! You’re practically eighteen and you’ll be living on your own in New York City in a few months. Grow up and stop being so childish!”

She slipped down under the covers and felt Rocky’s cold, wet nose nudge her cheek. She closed her eyes determined to sleep but heard a rustling outside her window. Rocky whined. She sat up and swept the curtain aside. Outside, perched in the oak tree just a couple feet from her window, she could just make out the outline of a large black bird.

Celeste moved closer to the window to get a better look. The sizeable bird reminded her of pictures her grandfather had shown her after they’d watched the old Humphrey Bogart film The Maltese Falcon. She’d been curious as to what a falcon was and he had found pictures of the predatory creature and shown them to her. The peregrine falcon, he told her, was the fastest-moving creature on Earth. She stared at the bird in fascination.

Could it be a falcon?

She was about to lean further out the window to get a closer look when Rocky, catching sight of the strange visitor, let out a menacing bark. The bird immediately took flight and disappeared into the night.

“Well that was weird, huh?” she asked Rocky, whose hackles were still raised as he stared out the window. She patted him on the head calmly, and he finally settled down by her feet with a whine. She crawled back into bed and closed her eyes, willing herself not to think about the curious creature.

About the Author:
G.K. De Rosa has been an avid reader from a very young age. At the precocious age of two, while living in Italy, she had memorized an entire children’s book in Italian and expertly turned the pages at the exact right moments of the story. As she grew up, she always enjoyed literature, no doubt having been instilled with a love of story telling from her early years in Catholic school where she was greatly influenced by exemplary teachers who taught her the value of English and Literature. Though she did not pursue writing in college and instead went for the more traditional route of International Business inspired by her love for travel and all things foreign, after a move to New York City, she found her creative writing side calling once again. She began writing a restaurant review blog, City Lights and Tasty Bites, detailing her other passion – food! The hectic hustle and bustle of the city, combined with long commuting times gave her the opportunity to spend more time reading and rekindled a lost love. After reading countless books in many diverse genres over the two years in New York City, and returning to her home state of Florida, she felt compelled to write something for herself. She had always felt particularly drawn to Young Adult novels and having been an eternal romantic at heart, a fantasy romance was a natural choice. She currently lives in South Florida with her real life Prince Charming and their fur baby, Nico the German shepherd.

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