Understanding the Stars: Guest Post and Giveaway

Understanding the Stars by X. Culletto
Publication Date: December 30, 2016

Book Synopsis:

Alexandra Blackwood is minding her own troubled life when she unknowingly gets caught up in an extraterrestrial conflict. Ronan, a human with his own alien-entangled past, has been keeping an eye on her and sets out to help her escape looming abduction, and maybe win her heart.

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5 Things You Do Before and After Writing

5 things I do before I start writing:

  • Put my 2-year-old down for his nap
  • Get a movie going for my 5-year-old
  • Check all social media / email accounts to make sure I’m caught up on everything and won’t be tempted to check them
  • Open Thesaurus.com
  • Read through the previous session’s work and make improvements

5 things I do after writing:

  • Reread the passage I’ve written, making improvements
  • Backup my files—it’s not fun to lose your work!
  • Plan what parts of the plot I’m going to cover in my next writing session
  • If I finish a chapter, share it with my beta reader, who likes to get one per week
  • Daydream about selling a million copies and buying a boat!

About the Author:

Xela is a working mother of three, living in the Utah. She teaches secondary English and after talking to students for years about following their dreams and doing whatever it takes to achieve them, she decided to take her own advice and complete her lifelong goal of writing a novel. The idea of life on other planets has always fascinated her, and she wondered what they would think of humanity, which is what spawned the idea for the plot of “Understanding the Stars”. When she’s not playing with her kids, or sorting through the endless laundry, you’ll find her watching The Walking Dead, horseback riding, or working on her next book.

Author Links:
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2 lucky winners will be chosen to win an ebook copy of Understand the Stars.

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