That One Moment: Character Interview



  Genre: Fiction / Romantic Suspense

Date of Publication: May 8, 2017

Number of Pages: 258

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Ricki Sheridan traveled a long way to seek refuge at Wolf Den’s Lodge high in the mountains after a devastating betrayal. Heartbroken, she signed up for a survivalist backpacking trip to live off the land and forget.

An injury on the first day puts her in the capable hands of the handsome trail boss, Kory Littleton. The attraction is instant, mutual, and terrifying. She trusted her emotions once and vowed never to make the same mistake again.

Kory’s heart, trampled and bruised, is unprepared to ever love again, until his unexpected reaction to Ricki reveals some things are worth taking a chance on.

When evil finds its way back into Ricki’s world, their fragile bond is tested, forcing them to face their greatest fear: can a wounded heart ever trust anew?

Betrayal. Desire. Revenge. Which one prevails?





Praise for That One Moment:

Patty Wiseman, as well as anyone and better than most, sure knows how to write the three basic ingredients of a page-turning and unforgettable novel: mystery, suspense, and romance. 

— Caleb & Linda Pirtle ~ Here Comes a Mystery

“It was pure perfection!” — Jessa, Amazon Reviewer

“Author Patty Wiseman does a good job of injecting so much action into just the first two pages that I had high expectations for this story. And That One Moment does not disappoint.” 

— Natasha Jackson for Readers’ Favorite


Main Character from THAT ONE MOMENT

By Patty Wiseman

From the written word, main character Ricki Sheridan has materialized in person to introduce herself and talk to us about her journey through the pages of That One Moment. Welcome Ricki!

Thank you! You can’t imagine how it feels to rise from the pages of a book and actually talk with you. I am very delighted to be here.

Tell us a little about yourself. Where do you live, what do you do for a living?

Dallas, Texas is my home and I make my living as a game warden. I’ve always wanted to work outdoors and I love animals, so it was a perfect fit for me.

Wow, a game warden. That’s pretty cool. So, tell me what is the first thing a person would notice about you?

That I wear a gun. Most people turn their attention to the weapon on my hip first, or my uniform. If I’m in civilian clothes, I’d say my short, curly hair.

What is your biggest vulnerability?

Trust is an issue with me. Since childhood, it seems betrayal follows me in every relationship. Especially men. I’ve suffered the worst betrayals imaginable. It tends to make you put up a wall, think the worst, you know, glass half empty.

Do you believe in true love?

Well, what is love anyway? Isn’t it opening your heart to someone, baring your soul, your very essence. Think about it. It’s kind of like open-heart surgery. The doctor exposes your pulsating heart. It’s out there, beating where everyone can see. To find true love, you must be willing to trust that person fully. I believe it can happen. My journey in That One Moment is about learning to trust again. It’s difficult. Love and trust. To me, they are the same thing.

The protagonist in That One Moment, is he the one who betrayed you?

Russ, yes. I spent two years of my life with blinders on. How naïve of me. I didn’t see the signs, wanted to believe I’d found the man I wanted to spend my life with. Boy, was I wrong. How can you live so close to pure evil and not see it? I beat myself up over my stupidity. I am in law enforcement. You’d think I could spot the kind of man he really was. The heart plays tricks on you. But for me—never again.

Are you telling us there is no happy ending in That One Moment?

If there is a happy ending it is hard fought. I ran. Ran from my broken heart to the Rocky Mountains. I thought I could clear my mind, set myself right, start over. But, evil followed me, and I was alone. Except for…well, I can’t tell you that, now can I? I will tell you there are two compatriots in That One Moment who I’ve grown very fond of. I can tell you about them. Wolf owns the mountain lodge and Martha is a long-lost love who comes back into his life. Talk about trust issues! Forty years worth. But I count them among my best friends now that this journey is over. They want me to tell their story. 

Ricki Sheridan, we’ve enjoyed talking with you and hearing your story. As we wave good-bye, we wish you well and are looking forward to discovering if you find your happy ending.

Award Winning Author Patty Wiseman is a native of the Seattle, Washington area and attended The Wesleyan College in Bartlesville Oklahoma. Northeast Texas is home now, along with her husband Ron.  She is the president of East Texas Writer’s Association, a Lifetime Member of the Worldwide Who’s Who for Professional Women (and named VIP for 2013), and a member of the Northeast Texas Writer’s Organization, East Texas Writer’s Guild, and Texas Association of Authors.








  August 14-23, 2018

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