Last Pick: Review

Last Pick (Last Pick #1)

By Jason Walz

Genre: YA Graphic Novel

Release Date: October 2018

Macmillan/FirstSecond Books


Three years ago, aliens invaded Earth and abducted everyone they deemed useful. The only ones spared were those too young, too old, or too “disabled” to be of value. Living on Earth under the aliens’ harsh authoritarian rule, humanity’s rejects do their best to survive. Their captors never considered them a threat—until now.

Twins Sam and Wyatt are ready to chuck their labels and start a revolution. It’s time for the kids last picked to step into the game.

In this first volume of Jason Walz’s dystopian graphic novel trilogy, the kids last picked are humanity’s last hope.

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Last Pick centers on the journey of twins, Wyatt and Sam, alone after the aliens invade the planet and take everyone between 16 and 65. Both are determined to find out more about the aliens and why they took their parents. However, soon after turning 16 themselves, the aliens that took their parents return. Can they survive knowing that they might be taken this time?

I really enjoyed this graphic novel. I choose to review this because it had been way too long since I’ve read a graphic novel outside the usual Marvel comics. I was not disappointed. The art is bold and direct for the reader, easily pushing the story along. I liked the bits of humor throughout as well. Even with the rather grim plotline. The story really grabs you and allows you to notice things for yourself before setting more reveals later on.

I think this is great for young readers that like adventure and humor. Wyatt and Sam are twins but still very different. Additionally, it brings to focus the narrow-minded view of people unable to care for themselves if they’re young, older, or have a disability. These twins and the characters left behind will prove just the opposite.

Part Two of my review continues below!

Born to Run (Last Pick #2)
Release Date: October 2020
Four years ago, aliens kidnapped most of mankind, leaving behind those they deemed unworthy—the “last picked.”
The future for Sam is bleak and unthinkable. A galaxy away from her twin brother, she is a pawn in the aliens’ bloody civil war. But with her new friend Mia, Sam has found a way to resist her captors and hold onto her humanity.
Back on Earth, Sam’s twin, Wyatt, is leading a resistance of his own. With a ragtag army of the old, the young, and the disabled, he has a plan to bring the fight to his alien captors. But to defeat the aliens, Wyatt may need to befriend one.


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Last Pick left off on a bit of a cliffhanger, with Sam being taken by the aliens and Wyatt alone to run their resistance. Both of them are tested in this sequel with Wyatt leading and Sam finding news ways to fight back against the aliens.

This sequel is even better than the first. There are small stylistic changes that I noticed and thought were great to move the plot along. The aliens, while gross, are really creative in their design. I really enjoyed the new characters introduced as well! It was great to see the inclusivity of the first graphic novel continue with Harper and other characters.
All in all, this sequel moves pretty fast and establishes more in the world building. The next installment, which is the conclusion, is coming out soon and I look forward to reading it!
Coming October 2020 – The final book in the Last Pick trilogy!
About the Author
Jason Walz is comic and graphic novel creator living in Minneapolis. He is the author of several comics and graphic novels, including the LAST PICK trilogy and the Eisner nominated graphic novel HOMESICK.

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