Lian Arleigh

This week’s Friend or Foe Friday is a little different from previous posts. Some of you may know that I’ve been writing a book that will be part of a series. I don’t want to spoil anything with the book, but there is one particular villain I would love to share with all of you, and it’s very obvious he’s a villain right from the beginning.

Lian Arleigh

Lian is the King of a very sheltered, yet technologically advanced society. He governs over his people with very strict rules. He has salt and pepper, short cropped hair, blue-gray eyes, and is six foot tall. He’s stubborn, and has a strong dislike for change. He’s forty-six years old and has four children. He’s harsh, quick to judge, and has no problem inflicting pain on others. He’s very selfish, and not opened to new ideas whatsoever. He fears the unexplained. He fears change. He fears power that can conquer him. The citizens are taught to obey him. They live such hard, structured lives, and their opinions don’t necessarily matter. A world divided between the privileged and unprivileged. Where music is only heard by the rare few. Lian, along with his council, also chooses what each and every citizen will do with the rest of their lives. One form of punishment inflicted on the people is called public humiliation in which a council member, normally the Gerent, announces their crimes before the offender is publicly whipped and the entire formality is broadcast. He’s very hard on his children and rarely shows them any sign of affection. He is cold, cunning, and without mercy. Lian Arleigh, my friends, is pure villain.

Excerpt on Lian Arleigh:

My scientists still search for a way to end the Hetnac disease. So far there is no cure. My niece was euthanized as the more she cried the more her symptoms progressed. Nurses and doctors that came within feet of her were choked to death. I can’t risk lives for one, I can’t. Moriena begged me not to, but I couldn’t continue risking the lives of others just so that my niece can be normal again. The scientists who observed my nieces behavior have made a miraculous discovery. Strong emotions are what triggered her symptoms. There may be a way to place strong emotions on others in order to force their symptoms to be prominent.

Then I can hunt down the diseased…

…and kill each and every one of them. 

                                                                ~The Diary of Lian Arleigh


Lian Arleigh: is DEFINITELY a Foe

Instead of asking questions to determine why he’s a villain or what makes him a villain, today I would rather simply tell you about him and why he’s one of my favorites I’ve ever created. Lian Arleigh kills without a thought. He has no mercy. He doesn’t feel guilty about his poor actions. He’s dishonest and does not have good intent. Lian Arleigh will do whatever it takes to get what he wants. The end justifies the means. But…. Lian Arleigh is very regal. And he’s a man that truly believes that what he’s doing is the right thing. That he’s protecting his citizens. For every horrible action he commits, he justifies it by believing he’s helping, not making things worse. There are villains that walk that fine line, teetering on the edges of good, knowing that what they are doing is wrong. Then there’s the villains that act out for revenge. Someone or something has hurt them in the past, and they want to in return do anything necessary to hurt and destroy the person or thing that inflicted the turmoil in the first place. Then you have villains like Lian Arleigh, that truly believe that what they are doing is right. There is no changing a character like that. There are things that happen to Lian in the story that may have caused an extreme reaction in him, to force his hand to do some of the evil he does. But he was always on that path for darkness, these events that happened to him just sped up the process, added fuel to his dark flames.

I’ve written quite a few villains for my story, but to me, he’s one of my favorites. Lian Arleigh sort of wrote himself the more I wrote the story. He became this unchangeable character. He became so set in his ways, so stubborn, so angry… and yet, every action he made he believed it was for the better. He BELIEVES in what he does…. and that makes him a very terrible, very horrifying adversary.

What do you think of Lian Arleigh?

Lian Arleigh seems like…..

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