Salt and Stone Giveaway


The Page Unbound will select two winners to win a signed copy of Salt and Stone! How exciting! Please enter the rafflecopter for your chance to win! Make sure you include your mailing address so we know where the package is going once you’ve won! And this giveaway is international! πŸ™‚

Please also check out our review of Salt and Stone!

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25 thoughts on “Salt and Stone Giveaway

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  2. The animal I would connect with would be a horse. I want it to be able to read my mind/thoughts so we could connect especially if I need help.
    I haven’t read any of Victoria’s books before but I sure did like the review of this book.
    I hope this book can be a read alone because I haven’t read Fire and Flood. Thank you for this giveaway!
    Donna Harris


  3. My reading glasses. The ability to read a book in just an hour or maybe a minute? I so want to read all the books but I don’t have a lot of time. So I read them by schedule. >.<


  4. Honestly, I’ve always felt like if I could be an animal, I’d either be a bird or a snow leopard. I don’t even know why! I guess because I’d want to be able to fly free, and the other half is because sometimes I feel strong and at the same time, want to blend in a disappear with my surroundings! Maybe I can just create a mix of the too, like a pegasus, but in snow leopard form!??!


  5. If I had a Pandora I would love for it to just foresee what I am about to do and help guide me into the right choices.

    Ps. Darn that new rafflecopter, I accidentally hit enter, and then I can’t go back and edit my entry -so my address only has my name in it…sorry.


  6. Thanks for hosting an international giveaway of this awesome book !
    P.S: I also currently reading Awakening by Shannon Duffy ! Are you enjoying it ? I am πŸ˜€


  7. I want Tella’s Pandora, KD-8, because Maddox just is awesome. First of all, he can communicate with Tella. Secondly, he can transform into any other Pandora (which is freaking amazing!). And third, I just imagine him as this cuddly little fox. πŸ˜€


  8. This is such a HARD question. To be honest I’m not really sure lol I guess I would want one that was what I either needed or would assist me when it was most important. I love everyone’s ideas, especially the ability to read faster lol Being a blogger I really feel some days that, that would be helpful as long as I retained it all lol

    Rafflecopter: Tiffany Holme


  9. omg thats a good question, it depends if im in the race it would have to be something useful like it should be able to provide me or food/water or shelter or protection against falling and dying on something or eating something dangerous.. the pandora could be a lion or something bid and strong or maybe a small animal that its quick so instead of just fight and all we could win by hidding.. if im in a normal life, not going to the race i would have a pandora that is or a cat or a fox or something cute and friendly and adorable but at the same time that could protect me, and it would give or money to buy a lot of books, or some kind of super powers id xD i read the first book some days ago and loved it i cant wait to read the next one *.*


    • If I had a pandora I think I would want him to make clothes or food for me. That would be super handing. Of course I love your idea about books though! That would be super sweet!


  10. but at the same time madox is super cute and useful i love tella pandora, but a pandora that could help me and guide me and give me ideas either in real life or race live would be really good too


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